Mass and Individual Prayer at St Margaret Clitherow

Our Church is now open for Mass. Our Church now operates and functions in a different way than we are used to. Here are the guidelines.

Prior to attending Church

NHS Track & Trace

Track & Trace cards are a mandatory condition of the government for Churches re-opening for Mass. If possible, please complete an NHS Track & Trace card before coming to Mass. Click here to download. Alternatively, stewards will ask you to complete one before entering Church.

Face Masks

Please bring a face mask to wear during Mass.


Toilet facilities will be closed to prevent any risk of transmission of infection,

Feeling Unwell

Please DO NOT come to Church if you feel unwell, have a cold or flu-like symptoms as you will be refused entry.


As with adults, children also need to obey all social distancing and hygiene protocols and for this reason, children under the age of 16, attending Mass MUST be accompanied, by a parent or guardian, and supervised at all times.

Personal Possessions

Please DO NOT bring anything into Church which is unnecessary, for example, shopping, or food.


Please note our repository remains closed.

Choir Loft

Please note our choir loft remains closed.

Whilst At Church

  • Stewards will be present at all times, to enforce hygiene and social distancing directives, and you MUST follow their direction.
  • You MUST have or completed an NHS Track & Trace card.
  • Stewards will only allow a certain number of people into Church at any one time as the capacity of our Church is greatly reduced. Whilst queuing you MUST obey the 2-metre social distancing directive.
  • You MUST wear a face mask.
  • You will be asked to enter our Church via its Main Doors and to exit through the sacristy side door.
  • You MUST sanitise your hands with alcohol hand gel as you enter and leave Church. This will be available in the Church lobby and beside the Sacristy Side Door.
  • Movement within the Church is restricted. You MUST follow the signage within Church and at all times observe the 2-metre social distancing directive.
  • The physical veneration of relics, statues, crucifixes, shrines etc., within the Church is NOT permitted, and Holy water is NOT available.
  • To respect everybody‚Äôs Individual Prayer time you MUST, TURN OFF any mobile device before entering Church.
These measures may seem burdensome, or even a little daunting. They are however necessary, not least because if any churches are seen to be operating in a way that may increase the spread of the virus, there is a risk that stricter measures such as prohibition or enforced closure notices could be imposed by local authorities or even national administrations.